Jack at Ghost RanchWe all know and love our canine companions as "man's best friend"...after all, they have been with us for  almost 100,000 years.   Their loyalty, intelligence and, of course, affection have truly won them permanent spots in our hearts and our homes.  There are more than 150 recognized “purebred” breeds by the American Kennel Club, but it’s the “mutt” or mixed breed dog that is most popular in North America.

These articles are focused on dog related medical topics, like the serious epidemic of heartworm disease or DNA testing to determine what exactly makes up your mutt.  Dr. Humphries' long experience with a variety of breeds has helped him understand both the medicine and the behavior of our dog friends.

Healing Canine Arthritis with Platelets

Harvesting plateletsLike their owners, a large number of pets will develop arthritis as they age.  In fact, veterinarians estimate that more than 15 million dogs already suffer from this disease.  Most people are aware of common treatments, like using pain relieving drugs, but alternative therapies, such as acupuncture, stem cell therapy and even lasers, might also be available from your veterinarian.  Now, watch this video to see a new protocol that uses platelet rich plasma from your pet's own blood and how it is starting to turn some heads and give owners hope!

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Generic Drugs...Good or Bad For Your Pets?

Pill counterAs consumers of medications, most people are acutely aware of generic brands.  In fact, more than 80% of all prescriptions are filled with these lower cost alternatives.  So, it should come as no surprise that pet owners are also interested in finding out about generic medications for their pet's healthcare needs.  Because of news reports and concerns over contaminated ingredients, many people have some serious concerns about these drugs.

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Sleeping with Your Pets...Sweet Dreams or Bad Nightmare?

Boy and dog on couchIn recent articles online and in traditional media, pet owners are warned that sleeping with their pets poses real risks for disease transmission.  Some people have even gone as far as to say pets do not belong in the bed.  But, as more and more owners consider their four legged companions as part of the family, how is this message resonating?  Are the dangers real or has the media sensationalized this story?

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Non-anesthetic Dentistry for Pets is Illegal and Harmful!

NADS on Lab mixSome people call it "anesthesia free pet dentistry", others refer to it as "standing dentals"...but the true term is non-anesthetic dental scalings and it may not be as safe as providers want you to believe.  Playing on fears some have about anesthetizing their pets, these unlicensed individuals remove tarter from pets' teeth, but do they actually perform a service that is helping your pet?

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